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History: Fourteen years ago, Dr. Hope Luster - Calhoun saw the need to implement a transitional program to help young adults 18-21 years of age who are currently in the extended foster care system. She has worked to establish Dr. Hope Consulting, Training, and Educational Services, LLC (DHCTES), an organization that works with local and state clients using research-based strategies and techniques to benefit those who have been forgotten by the social welfare system. These young adults must follow the guidelines for completing high school education, college, trade school, or maintaining full-time employment.


About AnnaRoc: AnnaRoc, Youth, Young Adult, and Family Services is a state and federally recognized 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization who is committed to improving the outcomes for at-risk youth and young adults to prevent homelessness. The goal is to bridge the gap by educating and providing support to foster and adoptive families to help youth and young adults in care transition to independence.  We are seeking members globally to assist us with “bridging the gap” for the youth, young adults, and families we serve. 


About Roca: Roca Ray of Hope contracts with the State of Texas and is a supervised independent living home for young adults that are aged 18-22 years old. As a provider, we are committed to assisting those aging out of the DFPS system to gain independence in a safe and structured environment. Roca Ray of Hope consists of townhomes that will house five adults in each. The townhomes will have spacing available for therapy appointments, sessions with case managers, leisure time, resume building, and job searching. Roca Ray of Hope is classified as a shared home setting, where a number of people living cooperatively as an unrelated family in a large house with an individual or a shared bedroom with a limited number of persons to a bedroom. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

As an organization we:

Affirm: We Affirm and are committed to our clients. We show compassion when working with and supporting our youth, young adults, and families.

Noble: Nobility is encouraged of each client to ensure that they are demonstrating fine personal and professional qualities when being prepared to transition into adulthood. 

Navigable: Navigating through the transition is promoted and expected for the clients. We will empower our clients by providing life skills and resources to be successful in our society.

Aspire & Assurgent: Our clients are encouraged to rise up grow and are assured to be treated fairly so that they can be productive citizens in our program.

Reforming and Redefining: Our program has systems in place to provide opportunities to excel beyond their past and propel into a brighter future.


Optimal Results: Each client that follows the prescribed program goals has an opportunity to thrive and be a successful well-rounded adult. AnnaRoc encourages our clients to maintain independence and rewards those who are thriving on their journey.

Caring Cherished Champion: As a partnership with Roca Ray of Hope and other entities, we provide a caring environment that cherishes each client who is encouraged to become a champion.

Family Fishing

Our Vision

To educate and assist youth, young adults, and young mothers in their transition to independent living. The objective is to improve the lives of all children and young people in the foster care system. We take pride in providing resources and funds to assist the program for kids and young adults as they navigate employment, high school, vocational school, or college, and overall adulthood. Secondarily, to help families who provide care for youth and young adults in the foster care system by teaching them about the resources available to assist youth and young adults in their transition into extended foster care.

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